Connelly & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1991 for the primary purpose of providing environmental drilling services to the DC/MD/VA area. Subsurface environmental investigations are performed to determine the existence of contamination in soil, bedrock, and groundwater. Most of the projects we work on involve the installation of monitoring wells to observe the groundwater over a period of time.

With our diverse fleet of rigs and equipment, we are able to access and drill any location. Our extensive knowledge of the geology helps in the selection of the right rig for the geology of a particular area. From the initial phone call to the completion of the project, our staff is courteous, professional, and safety-oriented. We are licensed in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Environmental Services

The following are the environmental services that we provide:

  • Drilling Techniques: Hollow Stem Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary
  • Rock Coring: NQ and HQ
  • Air Knifing/Undisturbed test pitting
  • MacroCore sampling
  • Dual Tube soil sampling
  • Discrete groundwater sampling
  • Continuous split spoon sampling
  • Vapor extraction wells
  • Monitoring Well Installation up to 8″
  • Recovery Well Installation up to 8″
  • Nested and Cluster well installation
  • Sparge Point Installation
  • Well Abandonment and Decommissioning
  • Low Clearance, Angle and Vertical Drilling
  • Undisturbed Sampling
In Memory of
Jonathan S. Ford