Gathering vast experience in the local geology over the past 20 years, Connelly & Associates has diversified into geothermal drilling. Specializing in installing vertical closed ground loops, we have put together a comprehensive operation. Partnering with various energy groups and HVAC contractors, we believe that we are part of a team in bringing your geothermal heating/cooling system to reality. Priding ourselves in being a solution-oriented company, we are able to use our immense resources to solve any technical issues that arise during projects. Realizing that the best marketing is from the personal testimonials of individuals, we believe that every customer is important from start to finish and beyond.

Our experience in geothermal ranges from residential installation to drilling test wells for the federal government. Our range of services includes the loop installation, trenching, flushing and purging of ground loops, and geothermal conductivity testing.

In Memory of
Jonathan S. Ford