Dear Tom,

I am writing in regards to the geothermal closed loop system that your company installed at our home this past winter.  I would like to give you some feedback regarding the project.

When you and Sam first came to our home and met with me and my wife, we both remarded after you left that not only were the two of you knowledgeable in your trade, but you were also incredibly polite, considerate, and respectful.  The word that we both used was “gentlemen.”  It was clear as our project went along that these two traits – expertise and truly gentlemanly behavior – are pervasive in your company.

Steve Delosh was a stellar supervisor.  He was attentive to every detail and made it his job to personally see that everything was done correctly and to our (and his) satisfaction.  Several times I went outside to ask technical questions about the drilling; each time, my questions were answered thoroughly and patiently.  When the job was completed, the yard was left in much better condition than I had expected.  Steve also came back to take care of some lingering issues that were efficiently solved.  Of course, the primary judge of quality is how the work turns out.  We are quite pleased with our geothermal system and hope that it will give us many years of service.

We have worked with a number of contractors in various fields, and I have to say that your company truly stands out not only in your expertise and quality workmanship, but also in the level of respect and courtesy that we saw in every single person that we interacted with.  If you would ever need another homeowner’s reference, we would be honored to provide one and to strongly recommend your work.

With peace, blessing, and best wishes for a successful future for you, your family, and your business,

Saquib Lakhani – Sandy Spring, Maryland

In Memory of
Jonathan S. Ford